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  • Google’s Art Project is Awesome

    Would you like to stroll through the Palace of Versailles, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum or The Museum of Modern Art from the comfort of your classroom? Now you can, courtesy of Google. The search giant recently unleashed a phenomenal collection of virtual tours of the world’s most famous art museums. Known as Google Art Project, students and…

  • Google Tech Support Care Package

    I love this new website: “Teach Parents Tech” is a clever Google side project offering dozens of quick videos to help parents or grandparents learn computer and Internet basics. The videos are short and the instructions are clear.

  • New Google Book Teaches the Web

    Google recently released a wonderful online book to help explain web browsers and web technology to the average non-technical web surfer. Titled “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web”, the online book features a storybook-like theme delivered via HTML 5. Google clearly explains 20 technical topics including browser security, cloud computing, cookies, open…

  • “So Ugly It’s Beautiful” – The First Internet Router

    During the fall of 1969, the foundation of modern Internet communication technology was quietly assembled by computer science students at UCLA and Stanford. At the time, engineers were working to interconnect computers at each campus via a phone line. To make the connection, a gateway device was required to facilitate the traffic between each campus’…

  • Webkinz Online – Guest Writer

    This week we feature a guest writer: Bri Reisinger, 6th grade student at Central Manor. Lately there has been a great deal of talk about online virtual environments and Bri has written a brief overview of one popular online world: Webkinz.

  • Free PDF File Converters

    Thanks to the magic of technology, converting a file to PDF is simple and free. Here are a few excellent resources for converting your files to PDF: