5 More Classroom Apps for Nexus 7

Play Store IconPenn Manor staff are spending more time with the impressive Nexus 7 tablet. With over 600,000 apps in the Google Play Store, the choices can be overwhelming. I featured 5 educational apps in a previous post. Here are 5 more great apps to consider for your classroom:

eduPort – A simple online educational portal which aggregates lectures from key YouTube and university education channels. Sources include MIT, UC Berkeley and Kahn Academy. Students may download videos for offline viewing.

Maestro – A very cool music notation editor. Drag and drop notes on a staff and then let the app play your composition back for all to enjoy.

Musical Lite – Practice piano on your Nexus 7 with a scroll-style learning game. Try playing along to Bach’s Air on the G String for a fun challenge.

United States Constitution – Searchable, annotated U.S. Constitution along with other related documents. This a great primary source collection for history classes.

Virtual SAT Tutor – Exercise your cranial muscles with this helpful SAT vocabulary trainer.


Thanks to music teacher, Konrad Fritz, for the great music app recommendations.



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