Letscrate and Dropbox: Simple Free File Sharing

I was disappointed to recently read that drop.io, the super simple online file sharing website, would be shutting down subsequent to their acquisition by Facebook. However, two nice alternatives are worth a serious look.

Dropbox.com offers a great backup and sharing service allowing one to synch files from multiple devices to a single web account. Dropbox features a “public” folder where files could be shared to those who are given the URL. New accounts currently receive 2GB of file storage to start. Pro Plans provide more storage and start at $9.99/mo for 50GB of backup storage. I really like Dropbox: It’s highly intuitive, feature rich and works flawlessly between Macs, Windows and Linux.

Letscrate.com is an awesome new service boasting “ridiculously easy file-sharing”. This claim is not an exaggeration. File sharing is simple: One uploads a file by dragging and dropping the document from the desktop to an online “crate”. Next, Letscrate generates a URL shortlink that may be shared with friends. Shared files are accessible via the shortlink for 30 minutes. Alternately, one may create a Letscrate account to have the link be accessible indefinitely.

Letcrate features a lovely, clean interface and is an excellent alternative to drop.io. As of December 2010, they offer 200mb of free file storage. The site doesn’t yet reveal future plans for paid accounts with more storage or features.