On Demand Printer Setup for Mac Laptops

Have you ever been frustrated by not having a copier or printer installed right when you needed it? Ever find yourself in a different building, needing to print and unable to do because the school’s copiers where not setup on your laptop? If so, you’ll love one of the newest tech tools- Self-Service printer installation for Mac laptops.

In the past, many Mac copier and printer setups required intervention from tech staff. Starting this August, teachers will begin noticing new printer options in the Casper Self-Service program on their Mac laptops. In addition to the current listing of System Updates and program installs, building copiers and laser printers are becoming available for fast installation. To install a copier, simply click on the building link where the copier resides, click on the copier description that you would like to use and then click the “install” button. Most of the copier setups will only take a few moments. After the setup is complete, you may begin printing to the copier immediately.

A big thank you to Matt Butch for spearheading this great new feature. We hope you find the new super fast copier/printer installation tools convenient and helpful!