Three Neat Webmail Tricks

While Entourage and Outlook have their place, webmail is an awesome tool for checking your messages on-the-go. Based on some of the most frequently asked questions received by the tech team, here’s three tips for making webmail sing:

1. Avoiding the Timeout: Tired of Webmail timing out after a few minutes? Next time you use webmail, check the little box on the login page that says “Private computer”. Doing so disables the webmail timeout and keeps you logged in for as long as your web browser is open. Caution! This trick is only recommended for use on your school/home computer. It is not advised when utilizing computers at conferences, trainings, kiosks and other public spaces.

2. Finding People: Looking for a staff email or don’t know how to spell his/her name? Let webmail lookup the name for you. When composing a message, click on the little “To” button to open the name search tool. Next type a portion of the persons name in the “last name” field and hit “find”. A list of matches will be returned from the master email directory. One may also specify partial names so if you don’t know the exact spelling of the person’s name, just type a couple of characters and hit “find”. Often, the find tool will hit on just a couple of character.

3. Post a Note: Webmail has a cool little feature for posting quick notes to oneself. From the inbox button bar, switch the “Message” drop-down menu selection to “Post in This Folder”. Next, type a subject, message and hit “Post”. The result is a message in your inbox that appears just like any other email- great for quick notes.

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