Elementary School Wireless Upgrade Complete

Teachers and students increasingly rely upon a high-performance network for innovative teaching and learning. As classroom technology grows, and mobile computing devices expand, strengthening our technology infrastructure is vital. The wireless network, in particular, is the core hub through which virtually all classroom technology projects flow. Without wireless, the district would grind to an unpleasant halt.

Penn Manor elementary staff and students recently received a big network boost. Today, PM IT Engineers completed a wireless network upgrade for all district elementary schools. With 125 new access points, the updated wireless system is engineered to be agile, solidly reliable, and super speedy. The new system significantly improves wireless speed, strength, and capacity–important elements of a modern school network.

After extensive demos and stress testing, our team selected Merkai‘s 802.11n cloud-based enterprise wireless and access switches. Meraki’s system is a comprehensive, feature-rich wireless solution with extensive benefits over our previous wireless equipment. Featuring centralized device management, comprehensive network visibility and an incredible assortment of security tools, the Meraki system is a stellar upgrade for our bandwidth-hungry classrooms.

Technology often works best when you don’t notice it at all. However, huge technology projects don’t happen magically. A huge thanks to our ultra-talented engineers, Shawn Beard and Chad Billman, for spearheading the upgrade. Their extensive behind-the-scenes work and dedication has successfully brought the new wireless network to life with minimal network interruptions. Bravo to our network wizards!

High School Smart Classroom Upgrades

This September, Penn Manor High School students and teachers will return to several new classroom technology upgrades. We are pleased to be finishing work on smart classroom additions to 99% of the building’s instructional spaces. The new smart classrooms are the result of a $550,000 data and electrical construction project, which was originally conceived in response to Penn Manor’s Classrooms for the Future grant allocation. Approximately $80,000 in additional equipment purchases were made via district general and capital reserve technology funds. Here is a list of the changes and upgrades: Continue reading “High School Smart Classroom Upgrades”