PM Moodle: Happy 4th Birthday!

This fall we celebrate Moodle’s 4th birthday at Penn Manor. First installed in spring ‘o3, Moodle went live with a small group of pilot classrooms during MP1 of the 2003-04 school year. Fast forward 4 years and our Moodle system has grown to over 400 individual classroom and resource pages. Across the globe, Moodle has exploded and now boasts over 33,000 installations in 195 countries.

Penn Manor teachers have created some awesome virtual classroom sites and continue to develop new and interesting online resources. Recent additions to the Moodle universe include the new HS Counseling Department site, a collaborative resource site for 4th grade teachers and a cool new Classrooms for the Future community page. What is your favorite Moodle feature? How are you using Moodle to connect with students and families? Do you have a favorite Moodle moment? Drop a comment and help celebrate PM Moodle’s 4th birthday!

K12 Online Conference

On October 8th the 2007 K12 Online Conference kicks off. The fully online conference is for and by educators who are interested in emerging web-based technologies and their implications for both brick/mortar and virtual learning. You may find the conference site here: Topics include “Web 2.0” style tools such as blogging, WIKIs, RSS and other online programs that can be leveraged in modern classrooms. The online conference runs for two weeks with at least one presentation scheduled for each day. As you may guess, the conference topics are delivered via blogs, WIKIs and the occasional Elluminate web conferencing system. Personally, I hope to catch the Moodle session on October 18th!