New Sapphire Gradebook Updates

Penn Manor just received the new version of the Sapphire Gradebook. Here’s the scoop and change details from K12 Systems: Continue reading “New Sapphire Gradebook Updates”

Home Computer Recommendations

One of the most common staff questions I receive is advice on home computer purchases. Most folks have similar needs: web surfing, email, digital photos, word processing and maybe some home movie creation. Based on these general needs, the purchase decision typically boils down to two major choices: Mac vs. Windows and Desktop vs. Laptop. I’ll take the hardware side of this question first and then discuss the software side.

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Kicking Off New Business Software

Today Chris, Judy, Steve and I spent about 6 hours meeting with the team from Tyler Technologies. The focus of the session was to kick-off an implementation plan for the transition to a new financial software platform: Munis. Continue reading “Kicking Off New Business Software”