Summer 2018 Behind the Scenes

We look forward to another successful start to the new academic year. Here’s a snapshot of the Technology Team’s summer non-vacation!

Group photo of tech team staff.
Out from behind the screens: The Technology Team with the sun in their eyes.
Teachers in the laptop technology workshop.
Grade 5 teachers learning about the Linux laptop program.
Old wooden cart catalog.
Look what we found. We’re still searching for the power cord and network port.
Tech team with OBS software in the studio.
Caitlin and Nate are very excited about using OBS software in building TV studios.
Judy and the Green Screen
Judy and the giant green screen.
Tech team unboxing laptops.
Unboxing 1300 laptops for grades 5, 6, and 9.
Software imaging station
The master software imaging station. From one, many.
Rows of student laptops
Student Linux laptops in the software bakery.
New Firewall
New firewall ready to go. Total district Internet capacity increased to 7 Gbps in July 2018.