Raspberry Pi Arrives

Several months ago, I blogged about the $35 Raspberry Pi, a $35 credit card-sized mini-computer. Demand for the little computing powerhouse has been staggering, and the nonprofit Raspberry Pi foundation has been working overtime to fill orders for the revolutionary device. After months of anticipation, our Pi has arrived!

Although we had expected the device to be small, we were still struck by the diminutive size of the gadget. The board is also incredibly light; the Pi’s weight is roughly equivalent to 8 U.S. quarters. After attaching a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, we fired up the recommended Debian Linux image. Within minutes we were browsing the web on a capable and fun little computer.

Designed to foster a love for computer science, the Raspberry Pi has huge educational potential. With a modest price, the device offers a versatile option for school STEM initiatives, district kiosks, computer science programs, media centers and other creative projects. The PM IT Team is cooking up a few tech dishes featuring the Raspberry Pi. Check back for more details in the future. In the meantime, here are pictures of our new arrival. Click to enlarge!

Raspberry Pi TopRaspberry Pi Side

Pi DesktopPi Side