An IT Summer, By The Numbers

We’re thrilled to welcome our students back next week. The IT Team has been busy cooking up a whole menu of new technology goodness. Here’s a brief snapshot of our summer, by the numbers:

1. Added 620 new Lenovo student laptops running Ubuntu.
2. Refreshed our fleet of 49 multifunction copiers/printers.
3. Migrated 700 staff email accounts to our new email system.
4. Upgraded 60 new student lab desktops at the High School.
5. Added 50MB of additional Internet bandwidth.
6. Resolved 412 tech support trouble tickets.
7. Upgraded the Koha Library System to version 3.4.
8. Migrated 2 SQL databases and ran a metric ton of SQL updates.
9. Received 41 new voice-lift classroom amplification systems at Central Manor.

Penn Manor’s first day back is Monday August 29th. We wish everyone a fantastic 2011-12 school year.