LibreOffice 3.3 Released

The Penn Manor IT Team strongly values the open-source community. We actively seek high-quality, low-cost software solutions for our classrooms and continually evaluate open-source tools as alternatives to closed-source commercial software. Open-source represents more than zero cost; open-source principles promote technological freedom of choice and a community spirit.

Word processing is one of those day-to-day software tools that is indispensable to education. When new, open-source word processors are released, I take note. So with great enthusiasm I write that the The Document Foundation, a not-for-profit community born from the seeds of OpenOffice development, has released version 3.3 of the full-featured LibreOffice application suite. Available for Mac, Linux and Windows, LibreOffice offers a professional alternative to Microsoft Office.

LibreOffice continues the tradition of handling MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with ease. In fact, it works so well and facilitates all of our daily word processing tasks with such efficiently that Microsoft Office is largely obsolete. Read about LibreOffice features and run, don’t walk, to download the software here.