Email Storage and Space Quotas

Unlike Gmail or Hotmail, Penn Manor does not have seemingly endless supplies of data storage for staff email. The summer migration to Kerio Webmail provided us with an opportunity to triple the amount of available email storage for user mailboxes however since storage space is finite, we are forced to maintain mailbox quotas.

As your mailbox begin to get full, Kerio sends an email warning that your account is starting to run out of space. Your best bet at that point is to begin deleting unnecessary mail and clearing out old sent items. Sent items with attachments are particularly helpful to delete as the attached document counts against one’s mailbox quota.

So what happens when your mailbox is at the limit? When your mailbox is stuffed full, no new messages will be delivered to your account and the sender will receive a bounce explaining that your mailbox is full and the message was not able to be delivered.

Here is a trick to check your current email utilization. Inside Kerio Webmail, click on your email name in the left navigation bar. In the bottom left box you will now see a meter indicating the percent of space available and a percentage of space used.

Remember that you may quickly empty your email trash by control-clicking (right-clicking) and selecting “Delete All” on the Deleted Items folder inside the left navigation bar.