Still More Student Guest Writers

This week we feature another round of elementary student guest writers: Joel, Julianna, & Julianne.

Laptops are Cool in School

Laptops are cool in school for many reasons. One way our classroom has made use of laptops is by typing our monthly poems and other writing assignments. When typing our monthly poems we learned how to spell check, change the styling of the letters, and change the size of letters. We also learned how to type with our fingers on the right keys instead of pressing them with one finger only.

Another useful way we used laptops was when our classroom researched watersheds. We went to to learn more about watersheds. We played games and answered trivia questions that helped us learn about watersheds and the nature surrounding them. As you can see, our class has put laptops to lots of use. We have had lots of fun as well as learned how to properly take care of and use laptops wisely in school. Laptops are cool in school!