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More Student Writers: Website Reviews

Over the next few days, several elementary student writers will be utilizing the comments section of this blog to post mini-reviews of useful websites. Check the comments link often as the student work starts rolling in!

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Rollercoaster Tycoon is a computer game where you can make your own amusement park. In this game you have to build rides and make an income. You need to have a certain amount of costumers and a certain amount of money to make your park bigger. This game could help people who are interested in starting their own business and it teaches kids in school about incomes and outcomes of events. Rollercoaster Tycoon is educational and fun.

Freerice is a fun website on the internet. What you do is try to figure out the meaning of a word, If you get the answer right, the Freerice program donates 20 grains of rice to hungry people in other countries for free! If you get the answer wrong, don’t worry, you can try again. This program can help save people’s lives by ending world hunger. Freerice can also help get your grades hight in school because you learn new words. The website for Freerice is . So go to your computer and start playing today!

Shining Stars is a website where you adopt an animal and feed and take care of it. But that’s not all! You can play games, watch movies, have a room, and you raise money. People think “Wow, it sounds fun!”. It is, but it’s not all fun. You need to feed your animal and take care of it day after day. You also need to raise money to pay for food and things that help your animal become healthier. It has needs like real animals for space, food and water. This site can help people, especially kids, learn the needs of pets and prepare for a pet of their own. Be sure to check out this cool site!

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