Four Digit Dialing: Now Everywhere

Did you know that any black district 3COM phone can be used to reach any other black 3COM phone simply by dialing an individual’s 4-digit extension? When the High School upgraded to the black 3COM phones last fall, the district finalized a phone upgrade cycle that started with Letort in 2002. Penn Manor’s phone system is now fully interconnected across all buildings and classrooms.

In case you are curious, the 4-digit magic is performed by our data network. Calls from phone to phone are routed across our district wide-area-network just like regular email or web traffic. Also, 4-digit dialing helps to cut costs on long distance calls between northern buildings and southern buildings like Martic Elementary and Marticville Middle School. Another benefit is that when we call another building via 4-digit extension, we keep regular land lines open for parents and others to call into the school.

Tech questions? Pick up a phone and dial me at X2226 🙂