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Blogging at PASBO

I’m here with a live group of business leaders from all over the state for the PA School Business Officials annual conference in Hershey PA. The group is attending my “Blogging Basics” seminar and learning about the communication benefits of blogs and microblogging. The group homework assignment is to post a comment about the workshop experience and suggest how/why they will utilize blogs for district communication.

Grab the PASBO Blogging Slides.

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This will be a very useful tool to communicate with staff. I can also see it as a way to communicate with family who live in other parts of the country.

Blogging appears to be a great way to communicate with a large group of people. Technology news is a great example of the use of blogging.

Great presentation. I’m hoping to keep our district administration and teachers informed of happenings in the transportation department including bus availability, etc.

As a district we are considering a district situation such as this and are anxious to view and hear about your districts success blogging with parents, staff and students.

As a Business Manager, I always like things that are free and don’t take any time.

As a parent, it’s interesting to learn what my children have been doing with all their time.

We are learning about blogging basics here at PASBO. Teachers in my district have been inquiring about blogs and I wanted more information about blogging in the classroom.

Ok, this is cool stuff. Charlie is doing an excellent job explaining blogging at the PASBO conference.

I’m exploring the possibility of using blogging as a “survey” type tool for the food service department.

It’s very interesting to see Business Administrators using technology tools. I’m from NY, just surfing for cool new things.

My classes use Moodle for blogging, surveys and a whole lot more. It’s free and used for distance learning too. Younger students really like the web site.

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