CFF Training, Tech Planning, Course Selection

February and March are turning out to be busy months in technology land. Three big events happened this week alone:

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 60 High School Classrooms for the Future Teachers participated in the first day of MacBook instruction. Jim Weber from Apple was onsite to lead the “out-of-the-box” training. Jim did an outstanding job with the sessions and was simply fantastic to work with. Our teachers had a great time learning MacBook tricks, how to access online video/audio materials via iTunes and the basics of interacting with the Polyvision boards.

Wednesday morning I briefed the Strategic Planning Committee on past, present and future issues surrounding the district educational technology plan. Conversations on our next steps for technology support and projects will be ongoing as we work toward the final district strategic plan due in June.

Finally, we put the finishing touches on the Sapphire student course selection system. Beginning next week, students in grades 8-11 will be entering High School course requests online for the first time via the Sapphire student/parent portal.