Classrooms for the Future Install Begins

On Tuesday, the PDE grant installation team is on site to begin mounting the Polyvision boards, unboxing laptops and generally kicking off the mammoth installation of Classrooms for the Future gear. Over the next four days the tech team and PDE team will install and setup 60 interactive whiteboards, 450+ laptops and 60 data projectors.

There has been a great deal of work leading up to this week’s physical deployment. Shawn Beard and James Nelson have been working on behind-the-scenes network and systems infrastructure preparations for months. In addition, Denny Coleman’s crew invested countless hours (and $2000 in lumber) to build and install the wall mounting kits for the Polyvision boards.

CFF MacBooksBy the end of the week the Polyvision boards should be installed and tested, the student laptop carts prepared and data projectors deployed into classrooms. Core teacher laptops should also be ready later this week after the tech team mass-installs software (think, Casper!) and catalogs each computer. Additionally, we plan on following up with non-core classroom teacher laptop deployments in a few weeks.