MIT’s Free Online Course Library

Did you know that Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s undergrad and grad courses have been digitized and made available online for free? Check out the MIT OpenCourseWare project here: The site features course syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, labs and audio/video lectures for the universities entire 1800+ course catalog.

This past week MIT celebrated the project’s 5-year milestone by announcing a High School version of the university’s curriculum. Titled Highlights for High Schools, the site offers MIT course material tailored to High School teachers and students. Wow.

Beyond the obvious awesomeness of having an amazing curriculum library at our fingertips, digging down on the site usage statistics reveals an interesting fact: only 41% of the site visitors are from the United States. Over half of the audience is Rest of World… so what does it mean when the majority of the learners soaking up this depth of online knowledge reside outside of our country?