Phone Problems

Well, it looks like the main PBX unit at the District Office is cooked (a technical term for “very broken”).

The AdminPBX, as it’s called, left me a voice message late Sunday night announcing that a power supply and a hard-drive had suddenly stopped functioning. Upon further investigation early Monday morning and a tech support call to the phone vendor, the next course of action was to try replacing one of the failed hard drives. The replacement drive arrived today and I installed it after normal office hours. Guess what? Same problems- not a good sign at all.

I should mention that most critical enterprise technology systems often have a level of redundancy built in. The AdminPBX is no exception- dual hard-drives and power supplies are embedded in the box. Basically this means that when one part fails, the other takes over and prevents the whole phone system from grinding to a nasty, silent halt. Redundancy is a good thing. Because our AdminPBX has redundant systems, we have been able to keep the phones working even as multiple technical problems persist.

So tomorrow I’ll be calling the phone vendor again to relay the bad news. Luckily our support contract covers these types of repairs. However, the next step will likely be a full PBX call processor unit replacement. Doing so should fix the problem but the equipment swap and subsequent data restoration will be rather intricate.