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Conestoga Network Cabinet

Shawn, James and I recently spent a number of hours at Conestoga Elementary School installing a wall-mounted cabinet at the center of the building network. For about the past 10 years, the Conestoga network “core” has been a wood shelf mounted in the Discovery Room (gifted ed) where various switching/routing gear had been gather dust. Like nick-knacks in a curiosity shop, the shelved network gear was happy on the little shelf until we replaced it’s home with a stale, black metallic box bolted into the block wall!

The good news is that this installation makes way for a high-speed Comcast fiber connection from Conestoga to the High School. Once the new network is in place, faculty and staff should notice a marked improvement in phone and network traffic quality.

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Thank you gang. Charlie you have always been so helpful when I’ve bugged you with ongoing phone and network complaints. I will be anxious for school to start (did I say that??) so we can all enjoy the phone and network improvements. Thanks again.

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