Educational Technology Coordinator Position Available

The Penn Manor Technology Team is seeking an Educational Technology Coordinator to build a community of support for innovation and learning with technology. Could it be you?

This new position will support faculty with the integration of software, hardware, coding, and robotics into their curricula, lessons, and classroom projects. You will coordinate, develop, and lead professional development and training, mentor the student help desk apprentices, oversee the future high school makerspace, and provide technical support for learning technologies and systems.

We’re not an ordinary IT department. Serious applicants should review our guiding principles and watch a short documentary about our award-winning student help desk and technology programs.

Excellent customer service abilities, superior communication skills, and a self-driven work ethic are essential. A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and training or teaching experience with students and adults is required. Experience supporting a range of software, hardware, and operating systems in an academic setting is also required. A technology or STEM-related teacher certification is strongly preferred. This full-time, year-round ACT 93 position reports to the Director of Technology and supervises the district training specialists. Read the job description here.

To apply, email a PDF cover letter and resume to Please include the position title, Educational Technology Coordinator, in the subject line.

2018 Recap and New Horizons

On New Years Day, the New Horizons spacecraft completed a historic close encounter with Ultima Thule, a small minor planet a billion miles beyond the orbit of Pluto. The spacecraft left Earth in January 2006, the same year our current high school seniors started kindergarten! Back then, we could rent a movie from Blockbuster, but we couldn’t check Twitter or play our favorite tunes on Spotify. They didn’t exist yet, or Android or iOS, although we had a fancy IBM AS/400 in the district office.

With 2018 compiled and shipped, let’s recap a few Penn Manor technology projects and programs. Highlights from the past year include:

  • Expanded the 1:1 laptop program to all students in grades 5 and 6, and launched a pilot laptop program in fourth grade.
  • Implemented two-factor authentication on all staff GSuite accounts
  • Migrated to a new web content filter from Securly
  • Ahead of building construction, installed a new fiber optic circuit between Penn Manor High School and Millersville University
  • Increased district Internet bandwidth to 5Gbs via KINBER
  • Completed the paperless student records scanning project
  • Reorganized the data services and student help services teams
  • Welcomed new staff: Diana Entrekin, Bria Van Cleve, Stephanie Svolto-Patterson, Brielle Bitts, and Jarrod Claar.

Exemplary student technology projects were all around us in 2018. Penn Manor High School student-generated VR tours took center stage as part of the Google Tour Creator product launch. And at the Central PA Open Source Conference, five high school help desk apprentices shared their innovative work with software-defined radio, a ROS powered self-driving robot, and live video streaming with OBS Studio.

During the past year, more and more elementary students discovered the joy of programming with Scratch. We plan to expand the number of classroom computer science opportunities in the next 12 months. Scratch 3.0, due today, will be a big part of that plan. We can’t wait to see the fantastic code creations our students will unleash!

A few other new projects on our horizon include a full one-to-one student laptop implementation in grade 4, a migration of our student device inventory to Snipe-IT, and a planned upgrade of high school teacher laptops. Speaking of the high school, phase one of the anticipated construction and renovation project begins soon. Welcome, 2019!

Summer 2018 Behind the Scenes

Tech staff with laptops for students.

We look forward to another successful start to the new academic year. Here’s a snapshot of the Technology Team’s summer non-vacation!

Group photo of tech team staff.
Out from behind the screens: The Technology Team with the sun in their eyes.

Teachers in the laptop technology workshop.
Grade 5 teachers learning about the Linux laptop program.

Old wooden cart catalog.
Look what we found. We’re still searching for the power cord and network port.

Tech team with OBS software in the studio.
Caitlin and Nate are very excited about using OBS software in building TV studios.

Judy and the Green Screen
Judy and the giant green screen.

Tech team unboxing laptops.
Unboxing 1300 laptops for grades 5, 6, and 9.

Software imaging station
The master software imaging station. From one, many.

Rows of student laptops
Student Linux laptops in the software bakery.

New Firewall
New firewall ready to go. Total district Internet capacity increased to 7 Gbps in July 2018.