2018 Recap and New Horizons

On New Years Day, the New Horizons spacecraft completed a historic close encounter with Ultima Thule, a small minor planet a billion miles beyond the orbit of Pluto. The spacecraft left Earth in January 2006, the same year our current high school seniors started kindergarten! Back then, we could rent a movie from Blockbuster, but…

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Summer 2018 Behind the Scenes

Tech staff with laptops for students.

We look forward to another successful start to the new academic year. Here’s a snapshot of the Technology Team’s summer non-vacation!

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Seeking a Support Specialist

The Penn Manor Technology Team is seeking a¬†school technology support specialist. Could it be you? Staff and students will rely on you for friendly help and assistance. You will install, maintain, and troubleshoot hardware and software in a complex, multi-platform academic setting. Penn Manor’s learning technology mix is 5% Mac, 70% Linux and 25% Windows….

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