Secondary Gradebooks are Ready for 07-08

Effective Sunday August 12th, Sapphire Gradebooks for teachers in grades 7-12 are ready to go. Teachers may begin utilizing the gradebook immediately. A reminder to select 2007-2008 from the school year menu and to use your network login info to sign into the system (same as last year.) Also, we have received version 3 of the Sapphire gradebook, meaning, the look-and-feel of the screens has received a major update. While the new screens should be intuitive to use, we will have updated documentation from K12 System in the next few days. I’ll post the new Gradebook training handout on CometNet as soon as it lands in my email inbox! Update: the new Gradebook Manual is now posted on CometNet under Technology | Shared Documents | Sapphire Instructions.

Web & Social Computing Inservice Reflections

Today’s inservice on new web tools went well. We didn’t have enough time to explore as much as I had hoped to present but the crew had a great time learning new lingo and software tools like, Edublogs and For those of you who attended and are looking for today’s list of links and web apps, point your browser to my resource page here.

Attendees- Leave a comment and let the world know how you may use these new tools in your classrooms.

Clicking with Mr. Luft

More great press for PM teachers and technology in the classroom. Gary Luft’s use of Interactive Response Systems landed on the front page of the Lancaster New Era. Check out the article here. In a nutshell, the system is a wireless polling kit that  allows each classroom student to respond to a teacher question. Think of it as a classroom version of the “Ask the Audience” lifeline on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Fondly referred to as the “clickers”, this interactive tool is a great way to flatten the classroom. Students who wouldn’t normally raise their hand may now feel less intimidated to respond and answer teacher questions. Additionally, the clicker system establishes an immediate feedback loop by which the instructor can quickly assess overall classroom comprehension and performance. Great work Gary!