Mission and Team

Our mission is to provide and support the tools and skills to make technology an integral part of the classroom and academic community.

Guiding Principles and Core Values

  • We focus on innovative solutions that have the greatest impact on student academic success.
  • We create high-quality, individualized customer service experiences that are accurate, reliable, and timely.
  • We establish equipment life-cycle management policies that balance current technology with fiscal responsibility.
  • We act ethically and professionally to create a safe, secure, and reliable technology environment.
  • We value self-sufficiency via enterprise-class, open source solutions and continually seek alternatives to closed-source, proprietary systems.

Penn Manor Technology Team Staff

Building Tech Support Specialists
Nick Joniec – Manor Middle and Hambright
Alex Lagunas
– High School
Nate Moss – Central Manor and Letort
Jason Sauders – Marticville Middle and Pequea
Zach Wisman – Conestoga, Eshleman and Martic

Shelby Foster – Professional Development and Training
Gina Kostelich– Student Help Desk Specialist

Building Technology Aides – Student Laptop Program
Ben Moore – Marticville MIddle
Lisa Lewis – Manor Middle School

Dianne Bates – Data Specialist/PIMS Administrator

Judy Keller  – Program Assistant

Chad Billman – Systems Engineer
Shawn Beard – Assistant Director for Operations
Charlie Reisinger – Technology Director – @charlie3

8 Replies to “Mission and Team”

  1. Charlie,
    As always you continue to raise the bar! Nice job for your district. I hope they appreciate how you keep them on the cutting edge of technology.

  2. As technology moves forward, we are increasingly dependent upon receiving and/or retrieving information online. My son is a student at Letort and although there is a blog, I find that it is not updated very frequently and important information is not available.

    We receive way too many pieces of paper in the folders that our kids bring home. I would opt to be responsible for knowing what’s going on without receiving any papers, as long as it is posted online.

    I know that this is a work-in-progress, however, I thought I might share what I think would be useful for me and other parents:

    • Monthly calendars available – not the district calendars (although the district calendars should be available from the blogs) – the calendars for each individual school
    • Email address to send questions direct from the blog – there are very few email addresses available and if it’s not your child’s teacher, then you are out of luck – it would be great for each school to have an email address on their blog where general questions can be sent
    • FAQs for each school’s blog (avoiding any unnecessary emails)
    • Upcoming events and information – rarely is an event posted until after it is over – for example, I cannot find any information about the upcoming Reading Carnival – Also, why aren’t all known events for the year posted and scrollable by month? It would be great to scroll down and find out when picture day is in October or when the PTO is having an event in November
    • Downloadable forms for Tardy and Absences

    I hope you find this information useful.


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